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Yangzhou Weiwei Belt Co., Ltd located in Xinba Town, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is a factory specializing in the production of shoelaces products. Adhering to the principle of excellence, we have been devoting a lot of energy to the product quality control. We also focus on developing new products. At present, our company has neatly 1000 varieties of shoelaces, and our clients are in more than 100 countries. Our clients include wholesalers, trade companies and retailers of all sizes. In recent year, internet retailer have gradually become our main customers. We offer a wide range of shoelaces including elastic no tie shoelaces, leather shoelaces, printed shoelace, athletic shoelaces, fashion shoelaces, ribbon shoelaces and dress shoelaces. Warmly welcome all kinds of clients to visit and inquire.

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